A Safer Football Experience

Safer Tackle Football

Safer Tackle FootballFootball season is upon us. Thousands of youth players across Wisconsin also will play tackle football this fall, some of them for the first time and most with parents in the stands worried about the risks of the sport.

No doubt, tackle football brings with it a potential for injury – just like any sport your child might play. And in recent years, stories about concussions and traumatic brain injuries suffered by football players and the long-term repercussions of these injuries have become more and more prevalent in the media, along with increased research on the topic by medical experts.

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Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child AthleteAthletes that play sports are sure to have all the equipment they need, like a stick and a puck for hockey, cleats and shoulder pads for football, and running shoes for track and field. An athlete would not show up to practice or a game without their gear because they wouldn’t be prepared to play. Athletes also need to prepare their body for the game on the inside with good nutrition. Read more

High School Athletes: Staying Safe in the Heat

Teen Playing TennisMany high school athletes have already returned to sports camps in preparation for the fall season. The challenge is that during July, August and even September, we can experience some of the hottest days of the year. With the high temps, athletes need to be aware of how environmental factors like heat and humidity can affect their health and athletic performance.

How Heat Affects the Body

As heat and humidity rise our body has to work harder to cool off. Our bodies cool primarily through the evaporation of sweat. When temperatures rise, we produce more sweat to cool the body. As the humidity rises, it becomes more difficult for the sweat to evaporate hampering the ability of the body to cool off. It is one reason why it is important for athletes to drink fluids during the day and at practice to stay adequately hydrated, and to modify practice routines based on weather conditions.

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Summer Safety for Infants and Toddlers

Toddler in lifejacket on boatThe sun is shining, the corn is knee-high, and everyone wants be out in the sun before winter rolls back in. As people are planning their summer vacations, many pediatricians are asked about how and when infants or toddlers can participate in their parents’ or siblings’ favorite summer activities, such as biking, swimming, and boating. Being outdoors and active is great for the whole family, but safety – as always – comes first when you’re thinking about having your little one along.

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Be a Good Sport: Playing Well On and Off the Field

Beyond the excitement of seeing the top athletes compete, watching the Olympics can help teach kids another valuable lesson – how to be a good sport.

While few kids will ever compete at the Olympic or professional level, observing how the athletes behave when they win and when they don’t can be a great opportunity to discuss the child’s own experiences when they play sports.

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