Button Battery Dangers

Parents are well aware that young children love to explore their environment.  Unfortunately, a common component of that exploration involves young children putting objects they find in their mouth objects.  While every parent knows this, parents aren’t always aware that there can be serious hidden dangers in seemingly innocent-looking common household objects.

Many electronic devices, such as remote controls, flameless candles, watches and bathroom scales, are powered by small coin-shaped batteries also known as button batteries.  While a space efficient source of power, these button batteries can cause serious harm when accidentally ingested by a young child. Read more

“Beads of Courage” Inspires Many Families

Families who have a baby being cared for in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) typically spend a lot of time in the hospital – an average of 24 days at American Family Children’s Hospital.

Typically, there are many steps along the journey of care before a baby is healthy enough to go home or return to the local NICU to feed and grow. Understandably, the days and nights often become a blur, making it hard for families to remember each stop along the journey of care.

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Why Should I Get My Child’s Cholesterol Checked?

When you think of a person with high cholesterol, who do you picture?

Maybe an overweight man in his 50s who loves burgers and good old-fashioned Wisconsin cheese? Maybe a woman in her 60s who smokes and doesn’t like to exercise?

How about an athletic 9-year-old who plays three different sports and prefers fruit to fast food?

Sometimes, our preconceived notions about high cholesterol don’t match reality – particularly when it comes to kids who inherit high cholesterol from their family. Did you know it was even possible for seemingly healthy children to have cholesterol so high that they’re actually up to 100 times more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke at a young age? And these conditions are more common than people realize.

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