Creating Legacy during the Grief Journey

When faced with sadness and grief, children cope in a variety of ways, based on their development. They typically experience the death of a loved one differently than adults. However, like adults, children benefit from being involved in the grief process in meaningful and healing ways. Siblings of children with life-threatening illnesses or at the end of their life need opportunities to process the grief associated with the loss of their sibling. Certified Child Life Specialists at American Family Children’s Hospital create ways for children to express themselves. Helping families connect with each other during the grief process is one way the Pediatric Palliative Care Team supports the whole family in creating their own meaningful legacy.

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Is There a ‘Virginity Test’? What Does it Mean to Have a Broken Hymen?

In a few words, no and nothing.

Last week, the rapper TI made headlines when he talked about taking his teenage daughter for yearly ‘hymen checks’ at the gynecologist’s office. After proudly announcing to his interviewers that his 18-year-old daughter’s hymen was still intact, he offered a short recap of the conversation with his daughter and her doctor on the subject, “Is there anything you would not want me to know? See, Doc? Ain’t no problem” and then, “just check the hymen, please, and give me back my results expeditiously.”

There’s a lot going on here – let’s break it down!

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Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

When the seasons start to change, pediatricians sense more than just winter in the air. Common colds, pink eyes, ear infections, coughs and the flu are guaranteed to arrive, just like the snow.

While most common illnesses will be over relatively quickly, it can be difficult to watch your child experience the symptoms once, let alone several times, during the season. Fortunately, there are several steps we can take to prevent illnesses.

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Teen Vaping – A National Crisis Hits Home

The public health crisis of vaping-related lung injuries among teens has arrived in Madison. In the past two months, UW Health has treated at least 10 cases of lung injury in which the patient admitted to vaping or using e-cigarettes with products containing nicotine, THC or CBD (cannabidiol).

Recently several UW Health specialists, lead by pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Vivek Balasubramaniam, held a news conference at American Family Children’s Hospital to raise awareness about how the national crisis is affecting local communities.

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