Small Items Can Pose the Most Danger: Preventing Choking in Infants and Toddlers

Gus was born in February – he’s our first child. My wife and I truly enjoy being parents. One of the most amazing things has been watching Gus develop. At times it seems he learns to do something entirely new every day or two. He has become very interested in the world around him, and his manual dexterity has improved to allow him to interact with his environment. At this stage, as part of the process of discovery, everything he gets his hands on goes directly into his mouth. Unfortunately, his swallowing coordination and his ability to judge what is safe to ingest (and what is not) have not developed yet.

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A Safer Generation of Cribs

New Crib Guidelines

New Crib GuidelinesAround the time my twin sons turned one, we learned their cribs had been recalled because there were reports the drop side could break and injure or entrap an infant. Our emotions ranged from panic – oh no, they’ve been sleeping in dangerous cribs – to anger – they’ve been sleeping in dangerous cribs! After that, we began following the recall notices published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (they have a handy sign up so you can receive email notices when new recalls are announced). It seemed like in the few years following our own experience, many more drop sided cribs were recalled for being unsafe. So it was no surprise when the CPSC announced new crib safety standards.

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