Caffeine and Kids

Most parents would love to have an ounce of their child’s energy. Science supports the fact that children under the age of 7 years do have more energy than older children and adults. Some researchers attribute it to their deep breathing pattern, which is more effective at oxygenating cells, and others to a child’s ability to live in-the-moment, not distracted by anxiety, worry or regret. What happens when the already-energized child consumes caffeine?

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Say Goodbye to Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Fruit Infused Tea

Sugar-sweetened beverages are any drink with added sugar and often also include 100% juices. These beverages have been linked to both adult and childhood obesity, as well as, several other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and fatty liver disease.  For this reason health professionals, including registered dietitians, recommend water as the number one beverage for kids and adults. Water provides hydration without additional ingredients. Many people stray away from water due to its plain taste, but this is another reason to keep it number one.

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