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Straight to the Point: Vaccinations for Your Teenager

Overheard in clinic last week (and a variation of this statement is heard at least once every single week… ): Parent says to the teen, “If you keep mouthing off, I’ll tell the doctor to give you shots.” No. Not appropriate to use the threats of vaccines as punishment.

We get it – nobody likes shots, not kids, not parents, and certainly not teenagers.  When we see teenagers in clinic for their sports physicals or annual physicals, it is not uncommon for one or multiple vaccinations to be recommended.  “BUT I thought I was done with vaccinations”, they protest – their eyes get wide, then they narrow – “I have an important basketball game tomorrow” or “I’m feeling kind of sick”.  You will get no argument from your health care team that vaccines aren’t very fun, but let’s talk about the vaccinations recommended in the teenage years and why they are so important for your child’s health!

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