Winter Dry Skin

For parents, there is likely a collective groan at the thought of the winter routine – namely the daily dressing of coats, snow pants, mittens and hats just to go to school. But as we spend time tracking down matching mittens and the missing snow boot this winter, we also need to think about our skin care routine.

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Helping Kids Manage the Anxiety and Stress of the Holidays

Helping Kids Manage the Anxiety and Stress of the HolidaysThe holidays can be a time of fun and lots of festivities. But what people often underestimate is how stressful they can be for both adults and kids. Winter break, traveling to see family, late nights with friends can all take their toll.

But, Dr. Marcia Slattery, UW Health child and adolescent psychiatrist and director of the UW Anxiety Disorders Program explains that what’s really at the root of the stress is that we lose our daily routine. Read more

Are the Winter Blues Real?

Winter BluesDays are getting shorter and I’m almost to the point where I never see the light of day (it’s dark when I leave for work and it’s dark when I get home.) I know I’m not the only one, since this time of year I get a slew of patients coming to clinic with complaints of zapped energy despite appropriate duration of sleep (even oversleeping), low moods, and social withdrawal.

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Prepare Now for Cold and Flu Season

shutterstock_18045301With the school season underway, there’s another season not far behind – the cold and flu season. And while it’s nearly an annual experience for families – that seemingly endless cycle of colds that circulate through classrooms – there are steps families can take to help keep everyone in the household as healthy as possible.

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Play Outside Even in the Winter

Winter FamilyBelieve it or not, we are very lucky to experience winter in Wisconsin; snow and cold temperatures being part of that definition. I personally like to be able to put away my bike and take out my winter toys as it gives me something different to do for the season. But to be completely honest, I was not a winter fan until I learned how to dress correctly for the weather. I can now be outside for the day, regardless of the temperature.

Here are a few tips on how to stay warm:

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