Embrace the Season

Don’t hibernate, embrace the season

Yes, Wisconsin is known for its cold and snowy winters.  We have two choices.  We can shut ourselves indoors, complain about the weather and wait for spring to come.  Or, we can get out and play.  With 2 young children, our family has chosen to get out and play.  It’s easy, its fun and its wonderful family bonding time.

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Modern Day Treasure Hunt Puts an End to “Are We There Yet?”



I have fond memories of the summer vacations I took with my family. Six kids packed in a station wagon headed to Door County, Wisconsin. The four-hour trip took forever and the only stops we made were at waysides along the highway.

Now I’m making the same trek with my husband and two sons. Only we are in a spacious minivan and thanks to geocaching.com, anywhere we stop along our drive becomes a treasure hunt.

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Who Wants to Stay Inside?

Summer Plans for Families

School’s out and with the beautiful weather, who wants to stay inside? But, did you know that research by pediatricians and sports medicine experts at UW Health showed that kids were actually more sedentary during the summer?

We’ve heard it all over the news, and it’s true – obesity, including obesity in kids, is a very real health crisis in the U.S.:

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Let’s Go Camping!

Close to home there are wonderful opportunities that can be available for little expense with some minor planning. Some of our family’s most fun and memorable times involved overnight camping at one of the many beautiful state and county parks close to home.

An overnight camping trip can be an adventure and provide lots of learning opportunities for kids. Gets the kids involved with planning for the trip. You can start with meals. What will you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner while you’re at your campsite? This is a great opportunity to talk about about healthy food choices, and find tasty alternatives to traditional snacks like potato chips.

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