A Parent’s Guide to the MenB Vaccine

Dorm RoommatesMaybe you’ve been hearing about the new ‘MenB’ vaccines – these are vaccines targeted against certain types of bacteria that can cause meningitis.  The recommendations for this new vaccine can be a little confusing, so here’s a primer on what the MenB vaccines protect against, who should be getting them, and how to talk to your provider to make a decision about whether or not you or your teenager should get the MenB vaccine.

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HPV Vaccine in the News. Again.

ss_174822917_teen_vaccineOver the past couple of weeks, the internet has been abuzz about the HPV vaccine.  A story published by the Toronto Star claimed to investigate the “dark side” of the HPV vaccine with individual accounts of symptoms that people had after receiving the vaccine, but did not discuss the larger studies that had been conducted that debunked these claims.  After the Star received a slew of responses (like this one) that pointed out the poor scientific reporting, the article was taken down from the site and an article pointing out these faulty methods was posted.

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