The Long Game: Promoting Positive Relationships with Food

“I wish that they would eat more vegetables.”

“He won’t eat anything that’s not macaroni and cheese.”

“She has such a sweet-tooth – I think that she would eat candy forever if she could!”

“My child eats when bored or upset.  How do I help them stop?”

“I want my child to have a healthy relationship with food, so I don’t want to make it a stressful topic.  How do I do that and still help them make healthy choices?”

Healthy eating is obviously important to health and well-being, and it’s something that every family has to grapple with in one way or another. Our relationship with food is important, but it’s also complicated. Many parents feel pulled in multiple directions when trying to help their children develop healthy eating habits.

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Picky Eating vs. Problem Feeding

Picky Eating vs Problem FeedingFeeding your child seems simple, right? Not so if you are a parent of a picky eater. Most kids at some point in their lives go through a picky stage, only wanting certain foods, textures or even colors. The dinner table becomes a constant power struggle, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed and kids feeling frustrated. Some of this pickiness is outgrown over time, while others, with sensory issues, have more challenges with broadening the diet.

Things to consider when feeding a child with sensory issues:

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Comfort Foods

Healthy Comfort FoodsAs the weather gets cold, many of us crave the satisfying yumminess of comfort foods.  These foods are comforting in many ways, both emotionally and physically, but often, they are not always the healthiest for us. Giving classic comfort foods a healthy twist can be easy and delicious with a few small changes.

Here are 5 classic comfort foods with a healthy upgrade:

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Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child AthleteAthletes that play sports are sure to have all the equipment they need, like a stick and a puck for hockey, cleats and shoulder pads for football, and running shoes for track and field. An athlete would not show up to practice or a game without their gear because they wouldn’t be prepared to play. Athletes also need to prepare their body for the game on the inside with good nutrition. Read more

10 Habits to Help Your Child Eat Well

Helping Your Child to Eat WellA recent anti-obesity campaign released a video that has sparked great attention. This PSA, “Rewind the Future,” features a 300-pound man having a heart attack in the ER as his life flashes before his eyes. The viewer gets a sneak peek into the habits that may have led him to that hospital.

Eating well starts at birth and there are a variety of things that parents can do to help their child develop mindful eating habits.

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