Prepare Now for Cold and Flu Season

shutterstock_18045301With the school season underway, there’s another season not far behind – the cold and flu season. And while it’s nearly an annual experience for families – that seemingly endless cycle of colds that circulate through classrooms – there are steps families can take to help keep everyone in the household as healthy as possible.

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Parenting from Afar

ss_172379333_sick_man_medicineYour college-age kid texts…”not feeling well.”

Great. What do you do when he’s miles away and you’re not there to do the “Doctor Mom” thing? Parenting from afar is part of the growing up process – letting them learn how cope on their own, helping them become adults. But when your otherwise healthy young adult isn’t feeling well and turns to you – the heartstrings tug a little tighter.

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Cold Season 2014

Sick Child

Sick ChildWe are in the throes of “sick season”:  children with colds, ear infections, flu-like illness, pneumonia and, of course, the actual flu.

The drugstores are busy with families coming in to fill prescriptions and also to shop for over-the-counter medications to help alleviate all the yucky symptoms that come with this season.

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