CBD Oil: What’s all the Rage?

CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and products made from it, including capsules, sprays, lotions, edibles, and “vapes”, have become immensely popular in just a few years and is now sold and marketed to treat a wide range of diseases. Buying products made from CBD oil became legal in Wisconsin for treatment of seizure disorders in 2014 with Lydia’s Law, which expanded to include any medical condition with note from health provider in 2017, and finally available to general public in 2018. But what exactly is being sold and does it really help?

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Are the Winter Blues Real?

Winter BluesDays are getting shorter and I’m almost to the point where I never see the light of day (it’s dark when I leave for work and it’s dark when I get home.) I know I’m not the only one, since this time of year I get a slew of patients coming to clinic with complaints of zapped energy despite appropriate duration of sleep (even oversleeping), low moods, and social withdrawal.

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Reaching Out: Steps to help prevent teen suicide

prevent teen suicideI’ve started this blog post a couple of times, and so far I haven’t gotten it right… So I’m going to start here.  I want to talk about suicide among adolescents, which isn’t an easy thing to talk about.   There’s no cute hook or funny anecdote to steer the conversation, because it is always devastating when a person takes their own life, whatever the background and whatever the reason, which is so often unknown.

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