Early Exposure to Allergens

Chances are an older person in your life – family member, neighbor, stranger in the check-out line – commented that parents keep things too clean these days. You may have even heard them say at some point, “Sometimes you just have to let kids eat a little dirt.”

Well, turns out there may be some truth to that.

Recent research on asthma and allergies from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health uncovered some interesting findings centered around children being exposed to allergens early in life. Read more

Cold or Allergies?

When your child is experiencing symptoms, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Sneezing, itchy nose and throat, nasal congestion and coughing are just a few of the common symptoms of airborne allergens, such as pollen or ragweed.

If your child has cold-like symptoms that last longer than a week or two, or if he or she develops a “cold” at the same time every year, your pediatrician can help determine whether a referral to an allergist is appropriate.

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