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How Do You Motivate Your Family?

The longest conversation you had with your teen recently was entirely through texting. Maybe you wish your youngest would turn off the video games and go outside to play with friends. Perhaps fries are among the only vegetables your kids willingly eat.

Whatever it is, you realize you’ve had enough and you want to make a change. But, how do you help your kids change their habits without seeming like you’re nagging them (yet again).

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Be a Good Sport: Playing Well On and Off the Field

Beyond the excitement of seeing the top athletes compete, watching the Olympics can help teach kids another valuable lesson – how to be a good sport.

While few kids will ever compete at the Olympic or professional level, observing how the athletes behave when they win and when they don’t can be a great opportunity to discuss the child’s own experiences when they play sports.

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Tips for Introducing Kids to Sports

Girl Playing Tennis

Girl Playing TennisUW Health Sports Psychologist Dr. Shilagh Mirgain explains that sports provide a learning platform for life, and help kids develop a sense of self and positive self-esteem. Kids also learn valuable life lessons — learning to work collaboratively, goal setting and perseverance are just a few.

But, with so much benefit to be gained, how do you get kids involved in sports?

The number one reason kids participate in sports is because it’s fun.

Some strategies for introducing kids to sports include:

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