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Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child Athlete

Fueling the Child AthleteAthletes that play sports are sure to have all the equipment they need, like a stick and a puck for hockey, cleats and shoulder pads for football, and running shoes for track and field. An athlete would not show up to practice or a game without their gear because they wouldn’t be prepared to play. Athletes also need to prepare their body for the game on the inside with good nutrition. Read more

10 Habits to Help Your Child Eat Well

Helping Your Child to Eat WellA recent anti-obesity campaign released a video that has sparked great attention. This PSA, “Rewind the Future,” features a 300-pound man having a heart attack in the ER as his life flashes before his eyes. The viewer gets a sneak peek into the habits that may have led him to that hospital.

Eating well starts at birth and there are a variety of things that parents can do to help their child develop mindful eating habits.

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Guide to Mindful Eating

Chewy Oatmeal Cookie BarsMindfulness is often described as an awareness of reality, or the present moment. Mindful eating begins with quieting the environment at meals and snacks and tuning into what is going on inside the body and mind. The following is guide to pursuing a mindful meal during the holidays, or anytime of the year.

Take a moment to relax. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Allow your belly to rise when you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. Ask yourself where you feel hungry; Mind? Belly? Anywhere else?
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Age-Appropriate Portions

Serving SizesNovember appears to be the calm before the holiday storm. It is when the holiday eating begins. But gaining weight doesn’t have to be a family tradition. One can still enjoy the Thanksgiving faire and seasonal treats in moderation.

Learning about age-appropriate portion sizes can be a key to success. While people of all ages need a variety of food groups, the servings from the food groups vary greatly. Check out the chart below to see what is appropriate for you and your family:

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