Blog posts by Amy Mihm, RD

Restful, Restorative Sleep for Kids (and Adults)

SleepEvery living creature, great and small, needs to sleep. Our mind depends on it and our body depends on it. Our physical and emotional health is impacted by our ability to get restful, restorative sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the amount of sleep you need each night varies with age and is especially impacted by lifestyle and health.

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Beyond School Lunch: Finding Balance with Healthy Eating

School lunches have gotten a bad reputation lately. And while some of it may be warranted, many districts are working hard to introduce fresh produce and healthier options to the lunch lines. While it’s true that the healthiest option of all would be to pack a lunch for your child, there are many reasons that may not always be practical or even possible. So what’s a parent to do?

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