Five Feet Apart Review from Teen with Cystic Fibrosis

Haley Jinkerson is a 14-year-old from Monroe, WI who has cystic fibrosis. This is her take on the movie Five Feet Apart.

Being a cystic fibrosis patient myself, I was so excited when I heard ‘Five Feet Apart’ was coming out. I was even more excited when I found out that Cole Sprouse was going to be a lead actor in it. I went and saw it opening night with both of my parents.

I love that the movie helps bring awareness to my disease and love that I can use it as a tool to explain to my friends what CF is. My friends know that I have CF, but they don’t really understand it. A few of them went to see the movie and they were shocked to see the behind-the-scenes of what I go through every day to stay healthy.

While there were a lot of things in the movie that I could relate to, there were also things that I felt were a little too far-fetched. First, I can’t understand why anyone with a life-threatening illness like CF would completely stop therapy and medication like they did. Second, CF patients aren’t typically on oxygen as much as they were in the movie.  Lastly, they wore gloves everywhere which isn’t something that a patient with CF would normally do.

I can really relate to keeping my distance from other CF patients. There is another kid at my school who has CF but is a year younger than me and we are very careful to be at least six feet apart at all times. We know that we are supposed to stay away from each other, so I don’t get why anyone would risk their life and the other patient’s life by getting closer than six feet. Yes, it is important to have friends but there so many ways that you can communicate with each other like texting or calling.

I really enjoyed the movie and could relate to it so well, but it left me very interested in seeing what other CF patients, like me, deal with beyond Stella and Will’s experiences.

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  • Haley is an incredible kid! Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts! You rock!