Make a Family Resolution to Resolve Throughout the Year

Family playing in the snowThe New Year brings a fresh opportunity to look at old habits. To kick off the new year, consider making one or two resolutions as a family. Most families know what they do well, as well as which habits will only nag their health long-term. If nothing comes to mind, consider the following popular resolutions:

  • Build a healthy breakfast with a lean protein and long-lasting source of energy.
  • Focus on health and habits, not on weight, this year.
  • Make time to be active every day.
  • Clean out the cabinets and start the New Year with a healthy plethora of food in the cupboards.

In addition to family goals, it is never too early to teach children the benefits of self-improvement and self-examination. Encourage children to make up their own resolutions, or choose one of the following:

2 to 5 Years

  • I will try one new food every week.
  • I will make water my number one drink every day.
  • I will choose a fruit or vegetable at snack time five days each week.

5 to 12 Years

  • I will be active and get sweaty for 60 minutes every day.
  • I will choose at least 3 foods that are high in calcium every day.
  • I will aim for 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables every day.

13 Years and Up and Parents, too!

  • I will eat dinner with my family 4 times each week.
  • I will avoid distractions when dining and choose to eat in an electronic-free zone.
  • I will make half my plate vegetables at dinner.

Many find a renewed sense of motivation each January, but do not forget that one can do the same thing any time of year. It is important for children and families to know that habits can be examined and improved each and every day. Also, independent of the resolution you and your family choose, remember that big changes are the results of small steps and that relapse is part of the change process. Along with your family’s resolutions, consider making a sustainability or recovery plan for how to deal with the stumbles along the way.

If your family is looking for assistance in your journey to better health, look no further than the Pediatric Fitness Clinic. Contract the clinic at (608) 890-5210 for additional information.

What are your family’s goals for the coming year?