Healthy Choices to Fill Hot Days (Giveaway)

Healthy Choices to Fill Hot Days

Healthy Choices to Fill Hot DaysIt’s amazing how fast the Summer weeks fly by, so it’s important to make the most of the fun and revitalizing options there are to recharge. Here are a handful healthy choices to fill these hot sunny days (and the rainy ones too).

Get active and outdoors!

Madison has a beautiful park system that is free to the public and open year round. Parks vary in size and features, so check out Play Madison Parks to find the one that meets your needs. One gem right downtown, is James Madison Park, which offers plenty of grass for a game of catch, cartwheels and relay races, or some relaxing in the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen). There is also a playground, basketball courts, and a small sandy beach.

If you’d rather enjoy the outdoors while traveling through it, consider going for a long walk, a scenic hike, or a breezy bike ride. Walking through Olbrich Botanical Gardens always is a pleasure for the senses, an adventure for the kids, and brings home great stories. A hike in nearby Devil’s Lake Park is sure to get your heart pumping while letting the whole family appreciate how good it feels to be in nature. Taking a breezy bike ride on one of Madison’s many kid-and-adult-friendly bike paths or if you want more of an adventure, participate in a Pedal the Parks Scavenger Hunt where kids and adults of all ages can enjoy a guided exploration of Madison with a camera and a bike. BCycle has many convenient stops if your family needs to borrow one. Don’t forget your helmet!

Eat fresh and well!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market is the largest producer only farmer’s market in the United States. Not only is it kid-friendly, but it can fill your refrigerator with healthy fresh fruits and veggies, and brighten your house with freshly picked flowers. With so many healthy choices, it’s a lot easier to resist the temptation to stock up on unhealthy foods. If the crowd, parking and excitement is not your thing, you can still eat well by buying your local farmers’ products through Square Harvest, a new business that delivers your fresh local groceries right to your door.

Have a picnic! Put all that fresh food you bought at the Farmer’s Market to good use! Pack a cooler and take a walk to one of Madison’s beautiful parks to enjoy the outdoors AND eat well. Choose easy to manage options like veggies and hummus, summer vegetable pasta salad, and fresh fruit for dessert!

Are you the kind of family that likes a bit of friendly competition? Have a cooking contest! Buy a variety of healthy ingredients and team up kids and adults in your family or neighborhood to compete to design, cook and present the best creation with a preset group of ingredients. Make sure to plan ahead how dishes will be judged to try and avoid unnecessary squabbles. Consider taking photos or video to capture the memory. If you come up with something particularly tasty, think about entering it in next year’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge!

Final thoughts

Whatever you choose to do this summer, keep it healthy and enjoy it while it lasts! Don’t sit and count the days left – – get up, get out and make the most of them!

What’s your favorite park or place to play outside in the summer?


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  • What’s your favorite park or place to play outside in the summer?
    We live in-town and get out for family walks or bike rides in our neighborhood often. We love to walk to Lake Monona Olbrich Park area, or ride over to Tenney Park locks. The near-east neighborhood is a great place to get outside easily!

  • My grandkids love the park in Jefferson. It’s designed like a castle with loads of bridges & towers & a variety of play areas.

  • We love to play in our own backyard, we spend lots of time swinging, playing in the sand box, kicking a ball, running through the sprinklers.
    We also love to go to a lake and spend time at the beach in the sand or fish off the dock. Summer is a wonderful time!

  • We love to go camping at Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville. There is a nice lake with a beach and lots of hiking trails.

  • We like Wingra Park!

  • We have a very easy golf course in our town. The whole family golfs together regardless of skill level. Super fun! And there is plenty of time to talk and laugh along the course.

  • I would have to say a local park with swings and seasaws

  • Splash Pads in Middleton or Fitchburg!