Exercise vs. Physical Activity with Children (Giveaway)

Exercise vs Physical Activity with Children

Exercise vs Physical Activity with ChildrenIt can be difficult to explain the difference between physical activity and exercise with children. The definitions are much easier to describe with teens and adults.

For teens and adults exercise is movement you do for physical improvement.

Examples include:

  • swimming
  • biking
  • jogging
  • walking

Physical activity is movement done throughout the day. This includes exercise but also includes:

  • walking in the grocery store
  • climbing stairs
  • doing chores
  • walking for transportation

For young children exercise means playing and being active.

This might take place:

  • in your backyard
  • at the playground during recess
  • biking to and from school
  • during gym class

Children should have  a variety of physical activities that challenge them in different ways. Some activities should make your child breathe hard, like tag or chase games. Other activities should challenge their physical skills, such as getting across the monkey bars (strength and agility) or learning to hit a baseball (hand-eye coordination). Don’t forget activities that include a variety of movement skills and abilities, such as hopscotch, swinging or playing active make believe games.

The most important element of physical activity for children is fun!

One sure way to make it fun is if the whole family plays together. Kids love to play games with their parents! Therefore, work together to get your 60 minutes of exercise every day!

How did you get your 60 minutes of exercise today?


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  • I just recently started to exercise. I am a couch potato turning into a gym person. My 3yr old son is extremely active and I want to keep up with him as he ages.

  • I did laps around the capital on my lunch break

  • We walk to and from our neighborhood park and pool. Since it’s additive, we get our 60 minutes a day, everyday!

  • I biked on the trail near my home.

  • I’m playing softball tonight. The kids have been playing different physical games in the living room- horse back rides, etc. They are getting a little to physical for my liking in the house but one is sweating, another is breathing heavy and the third just asked for a break to get some water.

  • We take walks as a family in the evening and play games outside. We also try to do many fun runs in the summer, which provides a great incentive to do some running as well and stay motivated.

  • We go for family walks, scavenger hunts, tag and running through the sprinklers 🙂

  • We ride bikes, go swimming, or just go for a walk!

  • I work as a dog walker so I usually end up walking much more than 60 minutes each day!