Play it Safe Around Portable Pools

baby in a portable poolWhen it comes to water, children are naturally curious – it’s so interesting and fun. Portable pools can be a fun way to cool off during warm Wisconsin summers and they don’t cost a lot of money. What parents may not realize, however, is that portable pools can be just as dangerous as in-ground pools, and the same types of protections available for big pools just aren’t there for kiddie or inflatable pools.

If you are looking into getting a portable pool, here are some tips to help you keep your family safe.

Life isn’t like the movies. TV and movies have created the idea that it is obvious when someone is drowning and that we can respond quickly enough to help. But the truth is drowning is silent, quick and final. A child can drown in a few inches of water in just minutes and without a lot of splashing or noise.

Actively supervise. It is really important to always supervise kids closely when they use any kind of pool. That means staying focused on the kids — not your phone, your book, or any other distraction.

Cover it. Store it. To prevent kids from using a portable pool when an adult is not supervising, your pool should have a cover or be small enough to empty and put away after each use. If it has a ladder, make sure the ladder can also be removed and put away or locked so that it cannot be used to enter the pool.

Fence it in. Having a fence all the way around a pool, even a portable pool, is the best way to prevent kids from getting to the pool when there is no adult supervision.

Seconds count. Keep a phone with you while you are watching kids in the pool, learn CPR, and if a child is missing, always check the pool first.

These steps will help create a safer pool environment that allows everyone to have fun and be safe.

What’s another way that life is not like it is in the movies?