Water Safety

Water activities can be great fun but water safety needs to be strictly observed. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children should have swimming lessons, but even the most experienced swimmers need to be smart and pay attention while in the water. There are a few things you should do to ensure everyone remains safe while having fun in the water:

  • Swim only at sites where there are lifeguards
  • If you jump into the water, the first time go feet first to be sure of depth of water and to avoid serious injuries from hidden hazards
  • Never leave small children alone or in the care of another young child
  • An adult should be within an arm’s length of any child who is not a strong swimmer
  • Remember that if you have a child who is a swimmer it is still important to focus on the child and not be distracted by other activities
  • Life jackets should be used for all weak or non-swimmers when in the water or near the water’s edge
  • Inflatable wings or swimming aids are not acceptable alternatives. Remember that life preservers are required when riding in a boat

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